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Is it Acceptable to Purchase Auto Parts off of Craigslist?

You may be able to find parts for your vehicle from sellers over Craigslist, but it is hard to guarantee that parts will be high-quality or the seller is trustworthy. Make sure to do some research and get expert advice before shopping on this site for parts to repair or upgrade your vehicle.

Can The Auto Dealer Fulfill Part Orders?

The dealership always provides their customers with the ability to order parts directly. Car and truck dealerships often only provide OEM parts to comply with warranty guidelines. Most of all, they can use your vehicle identification number to find the correct part for your car or truck.

Is Amazon a Trustworthy Source for Purchasing Replacement and Repair Parts for My Jeep?

While Amazon is a highly regarded source for products of all types, to ensure that your replacement products fit or function properly it is best to deal directly with certified repair shops or dealerships.

Is it Possible to Bring Your Own Auto Parts to the Dealership?

While you are able to provide the dealer repair team with your own parts, it is important to remember that a warranty may not be provided on the part you provide. They cannot assure you that the quality of the part or installation will match the effectiveness of using an OEM part. Follow recommendations to have your vehicle inspected by professional service centers prior to ordering parts for repair. Additional care taken by factory-trained technicians will ensure that your vehicle's repairs and replacements are necessary.

Which Repairs and Replacements are the costliest?

The most basic car parts can cost anywhere between $150 and $500, but some major repairs call for a much higher budget. These are the most costly car repairs across makes and models: Transmission - $4,000 to $5,000 Brake Lines - $1,000 Suspension - Up to $3,000 Cylinders - Up to $10,000 Hybrid battery - $6,000 and up



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Popular RAM Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

Chrome Styled SpeedForm Exterior Mirror Covers

Price: $39.99
This upgrade offers a nice modern touch for classic Ram truck models. This cover works with the full-size mirrors that come equipped on the Ram Trucks from generation one. Give your truck a makeover with this simple, yet stand-out detail. Attach these chrome covers within a few minutes to give it an advanced styling upgrade.
• Covers that fit over full-sized mirrors
• Special Personalized Style
• Highly Durable Exterior Finish Design.
• High-Contrast Chrome Finishes
• Extremely Simple Installation, takes just a few minutes Si
• Comes with Set of Two
• Compatible with Ram Generation 1 models
Parts & Accessories

High Strength Barricade Tailgate Assist For the Ram 1500

Price: $24.99

If you are constantly experiencing a dropped tailgate when opening the rear, then this could be the essential solution for you. The add-on tailgate barricade makes for a safety feature and a catch for the tailgate. The system is designed to catch at the bottom of the opening mechanism to ensure it doesn't slam open or closed. It is also extremely helpful for drivers that are unable to use both hands to access the cargo space.
• The unique catch mechanism catches the tailgate when it opens
• Gradual and Delicate Opening
• Can be Installed exclusively on the driver's side
• Straightforward Installation with Minimal tool requirements
• Fits any and all of the generation two Ram 1500 trucks
Parts & Accessories

Oval Shaped Muffler from Flowmaster FlowFX Offset/Dual Fits All Ram Trucks

Price: $40.11
• Add a Nice sound to the exhaust system
• Capable of being installed as an offset muffler or dual exhaust system.
• Inlet Diameter of 3in. Outlet Diameter of 2.25in.
• Full Stainless Steel Construction 409S
• Styling Contributed to the Brushed Metal Appearance
• Additional Muffler Adapter Required For Proper Use
• American Made
• Flowmaster complete coverage one-year warranty
• Universal installation
Parts & Accessories

Smooth Exterior Fender Flares; (09-18 RAM 1500, Excluding R/T)

Set of Four Fender Flares at $129.99

These exterior fender flares offer unrivaled protection as well as style attributes. Take total care on the worksite or in an off-road situation to ensure that many of the most crucial working parts are functioning. Adding additional style and function to the RAM 1500 is a leading reason to choose these exterior flares
• OEM Mopar Fender Flare
• Extended Tire Protection
• Added Coverage from Road Debris Extra Protection from Road Debris
• Complete Coverage from UV Damage
• Premium High-Quality Polypropylene
• Advanced Styling Featuring Smooth Black Finish
• Fully Customizable Install From the Factory or Choose Your Paint To Match
• Easy Home Install with Need for Few tools
• Fits Generation 2 Ram 1500 models Aside from the R/T Trim Levels

RAM Parts & Accessories Videos

Replacing the Parking Brake Shoe Ram 1500

This simple replacement will provide your Ram 1500 with essential upgrades that will fix a worn down parking brake. Extensive use of the parking brake leads to faults and wear, so follow this guide for useful steps to replacing the parking brake on your own.

DIY Changing of Differenial Fluid: Dodge Ram 1500

Here is a detailed video showing how to completely drain and refill the differential fluid for multiple model years of the Ram 1500.

Newest Generation Ram Trucks: Best Mods Under $400

Modifying the Ram 1500 with some inexpensive modification options.

Additional exterior Upgrades to the Dodge Ram 1500 with Additional lighting Upgrades

Adding exterior lighting offers amazing bonuses to your vehicle's appearance. Aggressive exterior lights offer amazing new exterior upgrades to any truck.


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Gregg Daly 

The show room was very nice and clean. My salesman Richard Blue was courteous and friendly and I would go back to him and the dealership again. The only down side is that they were busy and I had to wait 2.5 hours to sign the documents with …

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I just purchased a 2021 Jeep Gladiator Mojave from Laura Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on Saturday. I had a great trade experience with Nicholas Polanowski. I negotiated the deal via phone and email and drove 2.5 hours to get to the dealership. …Thanks Ryan, enjoy your new Gladiator!

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Can't recommend this dealership enough. In a time when dealers are posting fake prices/incentives and doing ridiculous things to get you in a door, Laura is up front every step of the way. I worked with Nick who is honestly the nicest salesman I've ever worked with. I'll absolutely buy my next one from here too!

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Great experience. Very straight forward honest people. I traveled 1600 miles and I made the right decision. I will buy from them again. Mike and Rich were great. Thanks

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Went in December 2020 to find a van. Sales person Mark helped us find the perfect one but it still needed work before we could get it. It took them a while to get it ready but they fixed every problem so when I was able to pick it up it was completely safe and clean for me and my family. Will definitely go back for another vehicle.

About Laura Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Service Department

Steering & Suspension Ensure that you are in full control with the essential steering and suspension kits for repair, replacement, or upgrade. Mopar has made cutting-edge steering and suspension systems to keep you riding in comfort and control.

Engine & Engine Parts The high-quality Cummins or Hemi engines that power Ram trucks require care and maintenance to ensure you Ram truck will last you an extended period of time. The engine is the heart of your Ram beast, and keeping it alive is essential for years of continued reliability.

Filters Many of the most important working parts of your Ram truck are protected by filters. Consistent upkeep of filters will ensure that no foreign substances contaminate your vehicle's most precious parts. Make sure to replace these parts in accordance with the maintenance schedule provided in the Owner's manual.

RAM PARTS The best way to ensure that your vehicle receives genuine parts for you Ram vehicle is through the authorized dealer or repair shop. The technicians are trained at the Ram factory to know the ins and outs of every Ram truck and the high-quality Mopar parts that make up them.

Brakes Over time, brakes can begin to fade, reducing effectiveness and vehicle safety. Stopping power may be essential when towing or working on a site, so be safe and install replacement Mopar brake pads and rotors in your Ram truck.

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