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RAM Battery Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near St. Louis

3. How can I determine when to change my battery?

If owners follow recommended guidelines for the care and usage of batteries, they can expect a lifespan of between 3 to 5 years. Expiration dates are marked on most car batteries, though.. As with most things, a proactive approach is best. Owners can thus get the most from their batteries and avoid problems by monitoring the battery health of their vehicles. This is mainly done during routine service inspections.

6. Is it dangerous to give someone a jump start?

It is a possibility that one or both cars can be damaged during a jump start. This is so, as overvoltage can happen during the process - causing damage to electronic components and even affecting headlights that may be on.

7. What causes a car battery to go bad?

Studies have shown that about half of all batteries fail before their expected life expectancy because of a loss of water for normal recharging .Limited maintenance, as well as evaporation from high under-hood heat, along with overcharging are other reasons for battery failure. Positive grid growth and undercharging causing sulfation can also cause a car battery to go bad.


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How to Replace the Battery in a RAM

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Installing a Battery in Your Vehicle

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Photo of Drew Deering

Drew Deering 

I worked with Don and Mike to purchase a Ram and the service was excellent. I bought the truck for our Missouri location from my office in California and the paperwork was mailed to me quickly and everything was handled smoothly. I would definitely buy another vehicle from Laura Auto Group again.

Photo of Taylor Oldham

Taylor Oldham 

I purchased my Mustang from Nick Polanowski. I was 2 states and over 8 hours away. He made the buying experience an enjoyable one and very transparent. This was my first vehicle purchase on my own and he kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend if you're in search of a vehicle to reach out to him.

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Bryan Fitzgerald 

Great experience. Very straight forward honest people. I traveled 1600 miles and I made the right decision. I will buy from them again. Mike and Rich were great. Thanks

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Caligula Germanicus 

Purchased my ram 2500 from them in November. Nick P. Was my salesman and he and the financing dept where very helpful and communicative. I had the vehicle shipped all the way to New Jersey with no problems at all. I highly recommend buying from them. Once you see truck you like do a fast deposit so they can hold it for you. Thank you

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TJ Vinson 

Laura is an amazing dealership. I recently bought my second vehicle from this franchise and the process was seamless. Kurt my sales associate was very well mannered and professional through the entire process. This dealership is not out to get over on you and will work for your needs! I recommend them to everyone!

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