RAM Battery Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near Rolla

2. Are car battery chargers useful?

Car battery chargers are mainly useful in one-off emergency situations. You should take proactive action to promptly have your battery examined if you realize that you frequently have to be using a charger to give it juice.

3. How can I determine when to change my battery?

If owners follow recommended guidelines for the care and usage of batteries, they can expect a lifespan of between 3 to 5 years. Expiration dates are marked on most car batteries, though.. As with most things, a proactive approach is best. Owners can thus get the most from their batteries and avoid problems by monitoring the battery health of their vehicles. This is mainly done during routine service inspections.

7. What causes a car battery to go bad?

Studies have shown that about half of all batteries fail before their expected life expectancy because of a loss of water for normal recharging .Limited maintenance, as well as evaporation from high under-hood heat, along with overcharging are other reasons for battery failure. Positive grid growth and undercharging causing sulfation can also cause a car battery to go bad.



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After reading all of the reviews and working with three other dealerships I made one of my best decisions in buying my Ram 2500 from Laura. I'll be honest, they weren't the easiest to get on the phone the first day but I quickly found out …

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We got to work with JD DeLong. He was awesome and very straightforward with everything we wanted to know. It made our experience pretty smooth as compared to a few other dealerships we'd visited. The process of test driving was pretty fast …

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Went in December 2020 to find a van. Sales person Mark helped us find the perfect one but it still needed work before we could get it. It took them a while to get it ready but they fixed every problem so when I was able to pick it up it was completely safe and clean for me and my family. Will definitely go back for another vehicle.

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Remington Lynn 

I bought a pre-owned Cruze from Nick! It was a wonderful experience working with him! It was fast and efficient and he respected my time.

Photo of Remington Lynn

Remington Lynn 

I bought a pre-owned Cruze from Nick! It was a wonderful experience working with him! It was fast and efficient and he respected my time.

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