What tires does Jeep use?

The performance of a Jeep relies heavily on the type of tire that is outfitted on the vehicle. If you are looking for the right tire performance to meet the needs of your off-roading passion, then consider upgrading the tires to match the monstrous performance of the Jeep's engine.

Jeep Tire Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near St. Louis

Q:What Types of Terrains Can Jeeps Handle?

A: Drivers will find that Jeeps are outfitted with stock all-terrain tires on most trim levels, while others may come with the Jeep mud tires. Choosing the right tires for you can depend on how you plan to drive your Jeep and what type of road conditions you will experience on your journey. All-terrain tires All-terrain tires offer drivers with safety and control on paved roads as well as in instances of light off-roading. All terrain tires are most often covered with a 40-60K mile warranty. Some of the All-terrain tire options have one of the highest ratings for winter weather driving. Mud terrain tires The large lug size and off-road customized tread pattern, the Jeep mud tires offer exceptional control and power in off-roading situations. Experience total control in snow and mud with these leading mud tires. The tire quality is highly durable, offering protection from large rocks or protrusions from piercing the side walls of the tires. Winter tires Driving in winter weather can be hazardous or nerve-wracking. Choosing a pair of winter tires puts drivers in total control, regardless of the snow situation. The winter tire is designed to keep its cushion for flexible use regardless of temperature. The design of the tire includes sipes, which are channels and indents that grip through snow or ice and provide traction. Sand tires The design of sand tires offers drivers with a fully customized design that will provide them total control in this unique driving environment. The signature V-shaped grip ensures that the tires do not lose traction or bury the vehicle in a hole. While these tires are great options for sandy off-roading conditions, they are not the best choice for other off-roading or paved road usage.

Q:What is the Best Way to Secure My Jeep Tire Cover?

A: The Jeep tire covers normally come with an elastic band that can be secured around the spare tire. If there is no elastic, then check for a string that can be tied around the tire for security.

Q:What are the best qualities to look out for when shopping for new tires

A: The first step is to ensure that the new tires fit the sizing requirements for you Jeep. While tires that are sized-up may still fit the Jeep's wheels, tires that are too small will not properly fit. Check out the owner's manual or inspect the previous tires to find out the specific sizing for your vehicle model. To comply with factory standards and warranty coverage, make sure when replacing your tires that you make the proper decision to cover your wheels with the form-fitting tire options.

Q:When Should Drivers Check the Tire Pressure?

A: To ensure tires are working at their full capacity and are risk-free from damages, drivers should inspect the tire pressure about once a month. This is a recommendation for standard road driving. Drivers interested in off-road opportunities may need to inspect their tire pressure more often based on their driving habits. Tire pressure is important to consider when maintaining the safety and longevity of your vehicle and tires.


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