Jeep Brakes Commonly Asked Questions

What Is the Benefit of using a Big Brake System?

Stock brakes are normally used to provide general use safe braking. If you are looking for a high performance upgrade to meet the needs of your fast-paced driving habits, then getting big brake aftermarket kits can help you upgrade your vehicle's performance. Make sure to match performance upgrades with brake upgrades for safe and controlled operation of your beloved vehicles.

When Should I replace my brake system (disks, pads, rotors)?

The Following Signs Will Tell you that it is time to make a brake replacement: *Dash Brake Light Indicator is Illuminated *Friction Causes High-Pitch Noises When Braking *Feeling of Vibration, Shaking, or Scratching When Operating the Brakes *Indication of Brake Fluid Leakage *Change in Brake Pedal Responsiveness *Vehicle Pulls to One Direction Upon Brake Use *Smell of Burning Vehicle Components When Driving (Especially Long Distances) *Vehicle Experiences Heavy Vibration When Making Immediate Braking Maneuvers

If My Brakes are Grinding, what Should I do?

If you are experiencing brake grind when driving, it is essential that you pull over and receive assistance from a trained technician as soon as possible. This is a key sign for upcoming brake failure. To ensure continued safe operation of your vehicle, have your brake system examined and replaced immediately.



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How to Replace the Brakes in a Jeep

At Home replacement Dodge Ram 1500 Rear Brakes

This video shows how to change the front braking mechanisms that are found in a similar fashion across many Ram truck models and sizes.

Ram 1500 Rear Caliper Replacement: How-To

Brake calipers can wear down due to heavy use or even from weather damage. To ensure your brakes are working their best, check the calipers to see if they need replacing. This video will provide detailed instruction on how to replace a worn down caliper for the rear braking ...

Replacing the Front Braking Parts of a Ram 1500

This video highlights the essential steps of how to replace the front brakes of a Ram 1500 model years 2009-2018. The method is similar across models and will prove to be useful for many Ram owners. If your truck is showing signs of wear and tear in the rotors of brake pads,...

How to Replace and Adjust the Parking Brake on the Dodge Ram 1500

While there are slight variations between the braking systems found in various Ram truck generations, the repair is very similar. This video shows how to improve the quality of function for your Ram 1500's parking brake.

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I purchased my Mustang from Nick Polanowski. I was 2 states and over 8 hours away. He made the buying experience an enjoyable one and very transparent. This was my first vehicle purchase on my own and he kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend if you're in search of a vehicle to reach out to him.

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I worked with Don and Mike to purchase a Ram and the service was excellent. I bought the truck for our Missouri location from my office in California and the paperwork was mailed to me quickly and everything was handled smoothly. I would definitely buy another vehicle from Laura Auto Group again.

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Laura is an amazing dealership. I recently bought my second vehicle from this franchise and the process was seamless. Kurt my sales associate was very well mannered and professional through the entire process. This dealership is not out to get over on you and will work for your needs! I recommend them to everyone!

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This is my fourth Jeep purchase and my ninth vehicle purchase from a dealer in my lifetime. Laura Chrysler made this purchase stress free. There was no pressure, no surprises, and very friendly service. A special thank you to the salesman I worked with, Jeff Kohler. He made the purchase of our 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailhawk a breeze. Jeff made sure everything was in order over the phone before we drove over 2 hours from our home to make the trade. Once we got there we were out the door in less than two hours with our new Jeep. I can't say enough good things about Laura Chrysler. If you are in the market for a new vehicle, give them a call and ask for Jeff Kohler, tell him I sent you.

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At Laura Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we want to be much more than just a dealership. We want to be there at every step of the automotive experience. That means providing great service at our Service Center. Whether you need an oil change, tire rotation and alignment or something more major like body repair, we can handle it.