What tires does Dodge use?

All Terrain Tires If you are unsure what tires are best for driving off-road, then look no further with all-terrain tires. All-terrain tires offer amazing grip and performance on any off-roading situation. Regardless of weather or climate, all-terrain tires will keep you in control. These tires will ensure that your vehicle performs well and keeps you safe in any off-roading situation.

Dodge Tire Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near Chesterfield

What does Mopar Mean?

The company Mopar is the combination of the words "motor" and "parts" which makes the essential parts used on Fiat Chrysler vehicles. Mopar makes US based parts for these vehicles and are considered to be OEM parts for these vehicles.

How Do I Properly Size Tires?

Here is an example of the tire size, embossed on the sidewall of the tire most often: (e.g.255/75R17) The fist numbers (255) indicates the millimeter width of the tires. The next group of numbers provided (75) is known as the aspect ratio of the sidewall. This is a percentage number that show how tall and narrow a sidewall of the tires are in millimeters. The next indicator is a letter. Either featuring "R" for 'radial' or "B" for 'Bias Ply.' Most cars use radial tires, while trucks offer Bias Ply tire options. Following the letter in the code, you will find two final numbers which express the diameter of the wheel measured in inches. If the tires are measured entirely in inches, then the tires reading will read something like: 33x12.50R15 In this code, the primary number (33) corresponds with the full length diameter of the tire, shown in inches. The next number set (12.50) provides the tire width shown in inches. Finally, the third set of numbers (15) corresponds with the diameter of the wheel rims in inches.

What is the Average Cost of a Tire replacement?

Tires are priced individually, or may have a discount for a full set. When looking at cheaper tire options, some tires may cost $150 or lower. For higher performance tires, you might be looking at a price of $300 per tire.

What are the Largest Tires Acceptable for Stock Ram 1500 wheels?

For the 17-inch rim models, a max size of 275/70 R17 is acceptable. For the models with 20-inch rims, a max tire size of 285/65/ R20 make a perfect fit.



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 Tire Maintenance Videos

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Step By Step Guide to Replacing the TPMS Sensor

This video shows you how to upgrade or replace the tire pressure monitor system for yoiur Dodge or Ram vehicles. These repairs are fairly straightforward and contribute to many different models from Dodge and Ram.

New Tire Options for a Dodge Challenger: Review and Buyers Guide

This video highlights the steps to choosing new tires for your Dodge Challenger. Find out what kind of tires can be set up on the stock suspension to increase the exterior styling and offer added performance. Learn about the basics for tire replacement.


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