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Oil Change near Ballwin
Oil Change near Ballwin

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When Should I Replace My Brakes?

Some vehicles today have built in sensors that tell you when your brakes require an inspection. If you don't have this feature then you must rely on other indicators. If you notice that it's taking longer to bring your vehicle to a stop and/or you notice noises when you apply the brakes, then your brake pads are likely getting thin. You should book your vehicle in for a brake inspection immediately and have any necessary brake pads replaced.

Is Cleaning My Engine Necessary?

When it comes to routine engine cleaning, Country Chrysler highly recommends it. Cleaning your engine regularly will remove any potential fire risks, such as debris and oil. Plus, it will make your engine look shiny and new which is always a bonus!

Is It Safe To Switch To Synthetic Oil?

If you are wondering if it is safe to switch to a synthetic oil, the answer is yes, you may switch at any time, regardless of your vehicle. Keep in mind, though, that synthetic oil is more slippery; therefore, should you have a small leak, it is more likely that synthetic oil will leak.

When Should I Check My Oil?

If you are wondering when you should check your oil, Country Chrysler Service recommends that you check your oil every time you fuel up. Lift your car hood and perform a quick visible inspection to ensure that there are no signs or leakage. Check your oil level and inspect the top of the engine for signs of leaks.

Why Am I Getting Poor Fuel Economy?

The reason why most vehicles get poor gas mileage (mpg) and low fuel economy includes the following reasons: You are using low quality fuel Your vehicle needs a tune up You allow your vehicle to idle for long periods



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Dodge Maintenance Schedule

9 Months or 15,000 Kms

●Premium Lube, Oil & Filter
●Multi-Point Inspection
●Check All Fluids
●Fuel System Service

15 Months or 15,000 Miles

●Wheel Alignment
●Check All Fluids
●Differential Service**
●Battery Service
●Multi-Point Inspection

18 Months or 18,000 Miles

●Engine Tune-up*
●Check All Fluids
●Fuel Induction Service
●Tire Rotation & Balance 4 Wheel
●Multi-Point Inspection

21 Months or 22,000 Miles

●Multi-Point Inspection
●Check All Fluids
●Premium Lube, Oil & Filter

42 Months or 43,000 Miles

●Premium Lube, Oil & Filter
●Multi-Point Inspection
●Check All Fluids
●Tire Rotation

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 Service Customers

Photo of Jimmy Williams

Jimmy Williams 

Can't recommend this dealership enough. In a time when dealers are posting fake prices/incentives and doing ridiculous things to get you in a door, Laura is up front every step of the way. I worked with Nick who is honestly the nicest salesman I've ever worked with. I'll absolutely buy my next one from here too!

Photo of Kyle Lucas

Kyle Lucas 

Great Experience!!! Worked with Rich Blue. He was absolutely amazing. Very easy to work with, even came in on his day off to make sure the delivery went smooth. I'd recommend this dealership to anyone. Go see Rich!!!

Photo of Chief57


After reading all of the reviews and working with three other dealerships I made one of my best decisions in buying my Ram 2500 from Laura. I'll be honest, they weren't the easiest to get on the phone the first day but I quickly found out …

Photo of Chief57


After reading all of the reviews and working with three other dealerships I made one of my best decisions in buying my Ram 2500 from Laura. I'll be honest, they weren't the easiest to get on the phone the first day but I quickly found out how busy they were, and I also found that they were the volume leader for the last two years running. After all of the research I had done online, state-wide, I found the trucks with them had the best options and price, by far. I worked with a Mr. Kurt Bergsieker, who basically just answered all of my questions and sent me the paperwork and pictures that I needed. And, yes, If I left a review I said I would mention him, but that's easy because It could not have been made simpler. Kurt was nothing but helpful, so responsive and easygoing that I bought the truck over the phone with just a couple of emails. I rode the train in from Kansas City on a Sunday and was picked up by their courtesy vehicle from my hotel first thing Monday morning. The final paperwork was easy and the truck was spotless. I don't need to tell you how nice of a drive I had on the way back to KC. I've bought a lot of vehicles in my life (I'm retired military) and I'm telling you to stop thinking about it, this is the place.

Photo of Rupsia K.

Rupsia K. 

We got to work with JD DeLong. He was awesome and very straightforward with everything we wanted to know. It made our experience pretty smooth as compared to a few other dealerships we'd visited. The process of test driving was pretty fast …

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