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Q:What Repairs Should Require OEM Replacement Parts?

A: After a collision, it is in the best interest for a quality repair of your vehicle to request OEM parts. A non-OEM part to fix body damage may not fit properly or provide the highest-quality repair. It is important to remember that a vehicle's warranty may be forfeited after installing a non-OEM part. If you lease your car and need a repair, ensure you are using manufacturer parts for repairs.

Q: Is Amazon a trustworthy site to Purchase Replacement or Repair Parts?

A: While Amazon is a highly regarded source for products of all types, to ensure that your replacement products fit or function properly it is best to deal directly with certified repair shops or dealerships.

Q: What Are The Most Frequently Replaced Vehicle Parts?

A: Usually, small replacements are the most common across all vehicles. Small functions or features such as windshield wipers, headlights, taillights, brake pads and rotors, battery, and sets of tires are the most frequently replaced parts of any vehicle. These replacements are always less expensive and easy to complete.

Q: What is the Benefit of Choosing the Additional Accessories

A: Similarly to replacement parts, the additional accessories that are offered by the automaker provide drivers with certified upgrades that are installed by trained technicians and fall under the vehicle's warranty. There can be many modification parts available depending on the vehicle's popularity.

Q:Why Should You Choose OEM Parts?

A: Created by the manufacturer for their specific car models, the OEM or "Original Equipment Manufacturer" OEM parts are the exact matching pieces for your vehicle. Additionally, these parts come along with a limited warranty. Using your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), auto dealerships are able to fit the perfect piece for your car, truck, or SUV. Quality: Ensure quality and performance guarantee from branded manufacturer products. Warranty: A warranty is included with automotive parts. Price: Compared with aftermarket parts, OEM fittings can cost more, but the price matches the quality and specifications of your vehicle. Availability: If your part is not already in stock, parts centers typically order your necessary pieces, which can take a few days to arrive. Quality: These manufacturers branded products guarantee reliable quality and performance.



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Popular Dodge Parts & Accessories

Parts & Accessories

Door Sill Guards

Price: $125.00
Accessory Features:
Set of two Sill Guards with a racetrack featured surrounding the Challenger Logo
Parts & Accessories

Center Caps

Price: $44.75
Accessory Features:
Feature the Mopar logo on your Dodge with these custom center wheel caps.
Parts & Accessories

Valve Stem Caps

Price: $19.80
Accessory Features:
Set of 4 Black Valve Stem Caps with the additional Hellcat Logo in silver.
Parts & Accessories

Pedal Kit

Price: $113.00
Accessory Features:
Stainless Steel and Black Rubberized Gas and Brake for Automatic Transmission Vehicles

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Amanda Willim 

I worked with Nick on the purchase of a truck. He was absolutely amazing, left no stone unturned. I knew exactly every detail prior to signing any paperwork. Hands down easiest group to work with. I was very impressed with their …Thank you for choosing us, Amanda! Enjoy your truck!

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Bryan Fitzgerald 

Great experience. Very straight forward honest people. I traveled 1600 miles and I made the right decision. I will buy from them again. Mike and Rich were great. Thanks

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Tonia Hazel 

This was our first time purchasing from Laura Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM, but it was a really positive experience from beginning to end. We worked with Nick Polanowski for the sales process and my husband did the majority of the discussions over the phone with him. He was extremely helpful and had the car clean and waiting for us to test drive when we arrived. Don went above and beyond to get us the best finance deal he could and we were extremely happy!! We will definitely be working with this dealership in the future and willing to refer them to friends and family. We love our Tahoe! Thanks again!

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Gregg Daly 

The show room was very nice and clean. My salesman Richard Blue was courteous and friendly and I would go back to him and the dealership again. The only down side is that they were busy and I had to wait 2.5 hours to sign the documents with the business manager. That is the longest I have ever waited although as soon as I was in his office it only took 5 minutes. In hind sight I would never go shopping for a vehicle again on a Saturday afternoon but would go back to Laura Jeep Ram.

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Taylor Oldham 

I purchased my Mustang from Nick Polanowski. I was 2 states and over 8 hours away. He made the buying experience an enjoyable one and very transparent. This was my first vehicle purchase on my own and he kept me informed every step of the way. I highly recommend if you're in search of a vehicle to reach out to him.

About Laura Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Service Department

The Mopar OEM platform is present in each and every Dodge Vehicle. When you are faced with the need to replace or repair specific parts, you should consider the wide range of benefits that are offered through the Dodge OEM program. Aftermarket parts lack originality and quality like the OEM parts do. Guarantee that your Dodge vehicle is in good hands whenever a replacement is needed by taking your Dodge to a certified technician at a dealership or repair center.

Dodge has been a leader in high performance cars and trucks for over on hundred years. Dodge vehicles are suited for a variety of tasks and can be useful for everyday use or for professional purposes. Dodge works along with Mopar to create the highest quality parts for their cars. Visit a certified Dodge technician to receive a detailed inspection to determine which parts are best suited for your car.

Ensure that your replacement part is covered with the included part and installation warranty that come standard with all Dodge OEM replacements.

The Dodge OEM parts built by Mopar have been engineered to fit perfectly with factory vehicle specifications. For excellent functionality and high performing parts, ensure you make the choice to replace with OEM Mopar parts.

If you decide to buy an OEM part, you will be satisfied to know that the part was made directly in a Dodge factory. Mopar is the direct manufacturer of all certified Dodge parts and will provide your vehicle with the highest quality replacements and upgrades that are offered to fit your vehicle perfectly. Ensure you are falling under the vehicle warranty by making replacements with OEM parts.

The price of an OEM Mopar part may come at a higher tag than aftermarket options, but the OEM parts are built to last. Not only do they have a quality that matches the original vehicle part, they are also designated with an installation warranty and are custome made to fit Dodge vehicles.

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