What tires does Chrysler use?

If you are looking for the recommended tires for any Chrysler vehicles, then look no further than Michelin. Michelin tires are built for a variety of seasons and vehicles, offering full control and quality for vehicles of all types.

Chrysler Tire Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near St. Robert

What is the Recommended Tire pressure for My Vehicle?

This all comes down to the individual needs of your vehicle. To find out the appropriate tire pressure that you should use for your vehicle, check the owner's manual or the door jamb information sticker to find the proper psi for your tires.

What can I do to Increase the Longevity of my Tires?

Routine maintenance will continue to be the number one answer to any vehicle longevity question. Properly filling your tires with air after extended uses will ensure that tires remain strong and capable. A routine schedule of tire rotation will also ensure that your vehicle's tires are properly maintained and wear at an even rate.

How can I Tell When Tire Pressure is Low?

While many vehicles still require drivers to take a look and feel around for optimal pressure, useful tools can help you determine the current pressure of your tires. If you have a newer model car, the new technology add-ons will often provide a meter to gauge the pressure of your tires through the computer.

What Causes Excessive Tire Wear?

If you notice that your tires are wearing faster than the normal lifespan of a set of tires, then there are a variety of reasons for these signs. Normal maintenance states that you should rotate the tires every 5,000-8,000 miles to ensure even wear. Taking proper care of the tires also makes a big difference in tire performance. There are many reasons to guess why tires are wearing faster than normal, but the main reason is due to individual driving habits.


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 Tire Maintenance Videos

Spare Tire Replacement Location in the Chrysler Pacifica- The Chrysler Pacifica is a leader in easy to replace vehicle parts. Chrysler has added a new location to store the spare tire discreetly and simply. Find out more about the Pacifica's spare tire and all of the new features here. -

How to Properly use the Tire Pressure Monitoring System in the Chrysler Vehicles- The modern Chrysler vehicles are made with exciting new technology that monitors the tires easily to ensure that you are able to maintain your tires easily. The system will help you out, but there is a special way to reset the sensor after making the necessary adjustments.

Storing the Spare in the Chrysler Pacifica- Chrysler has ensured that emergencies will be easy to handle with the easy to follow guide for replacing a tire. Explore the new dedicated tire storage spot that has been made for the new Pacifica to easily access your spare tire when in need.

Outfitting the Chrysler 300 with a New Set of Tires- See the benefit of installing new tires after a long run of never changing the tires in a vehicle. This video shows what happens to tires after longer than normal wear and tear. This is a prime example of why you should constantly make the proper adjustments to your vehicle's tires.


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Jamie was a great help at getting me the truck I needed and wanted. Definitely recommend her to help you with your vehicle buying experience.

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