What tires does Chrysler use?

With a variety of trim levels and advanced performance models, the Chrysler 300 is one of the best performance vehicles to purchase. Taking close care of the Chrysler 300's tires makes for a performance based improvements. Take a look at a selection of new tires that are best made for your 300 and individual driving habits. Choosing tires built for your vehicle and environment will make a big difference in terms of safety and performance.

Chrysler Tire Commonly Asked Questions & Replacement near Pacific

What is the Recommended Tire pressure for My Vehicle?

This all comes down to the individual needs of your vehicle. To find out the appropriate tire pressure that you should use for your vehicle, check the owner's manual or the door jamb information sticker to find the proper psi for your tires.

Why Should Drivers Rotate their Vehicle's Tires?

The routine maintenance of all vehicles suggests that standard tire rotation offers a wide range of vehicle benefits. Increase the lifespan of your tires and the overall vehicle with routine tire rotation. If you are unsure the standard procedure for maintenance scheduling, then consult with the owner's manual or speak with a certified technician. Routine tire rotation offers benefits in: Equalized tire wear and tear in the tread Perfect time to offer a detailed inspection of tires for damage Reduce the level of vibration that comes through the steering wheel. Maximize the lifespan of each tire to its fullest potential

How Can I tell What Size Tires My Vehicle Needs?

If you are looking at your tires or the sticker in the doorjamb, you might realize that there is a code of numbers that corresponds with the proper sizing for your vehicle's tires. This code may be daunting at first, but after some time and effort of studying the tires closely, you will find that it is quite simple to follow. Here are the necessary instructions: If the tires are measured entirely in inches, then the tires reading will read something like: 33x12.50R15 In this code, the primary number (33) corresponds with the full length diameter of the tire, shown in inches. The next number set (12.50) provides the tire width shown in inches. Finally, the third set of numbers (15) corresponds with the diameter of the wheel rims in inches.

What can I do to Increase the Longevity of my Tires?

Routine maintenance will continue to be the number one answer to any vehicle longevity question. Properly filling your tires with air after extended uses will ensure that tires remain strong and capable. A routine schedule of tire rotation will also ensure that your vehicle's tires are properly maintained and wear at an even rate.



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 Tire Maintenance Videos

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Fitting New Tires on My Chrysler 300- An exciting upgrade that will boost the performance of the aggressive Chrysler 300. This vehicle is outfitted with a new set of performance based tires that will have more grip and control in the most basic of driving maneuvers.

Conducting a Full Tire Change on the Chrysler Pacifica- This video will walk you through all of the easy to follow steps for changing the tires for the Chrysler Pacifica. This is an easy to follow guide that can be completed easily with the included tire replacement tools.


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