The reputation of Ram vehicles is something we respect here at Laura Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. We also know that drivers in Sullivan, MO turn to the Ram 3500 when they want a durable full-size pickup. Here's a closer look at the durability features of the Ram 3500.

Each Ram 3500 is constructed on a high-strength steel frame that is rated at 50,000-PSI. The frame gives the Ram 3500 the support it needs to tolerate heavy loads. Ram also has included additional crossmembers to provide extra support from front to rear. All of this added durability is what allows the Ram 3500 to pull up to 35,000 pounds.

The suspension has also been improved on the new Ram to allow for a smoother ride. New mounts and components are placed in more secure positions. That means less movement up top in a truck this size.

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